Never Ending Story is a process driven film production company.
From ideation to execution, we follow every step to ensure a great output. From budgeting to final delivery of a content we try and follow the best practices available.
We are adopting environment friendly ways of production. We are making serious efforts to make production more cost effective. We are subscribing to new tools to make our processes more efficient.
We believe that only by following a process can a great idea become a great content.



In as much we enjoy winning metals, we celebrate when we have clients acknowledge the difference we make to their projects.


Producer, Stink, London

‘Thank you for our welcome bags which obviously took a lot of thought and care. Thank you for making my birthday so lovely and for my fantastic cake (Anjali you’re a genius!).
Above all, thank you for all your hard work in making yesterday such a successful shoot!
It’s been a wonderful experience filming in India and a total pleasure to meet you all.’

Head of Production, Rattling Stick, London

‘I just wanted to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for pulling off such a great shoot. It was a big one, with layers and layers of detail. It really was a huge pleasure working with you all for a month, which I know at sometimes was tough and days were incredibly long. I myself was truly impressed by everyone’s passion and focus for the entirety of the job, you made our life at Rattling Stick a lot easier.’

Executive Producer, Landia, Madrid

‘I just wanted to write you a short mail to thank you all for the magnificent job you’ve all done. I am not easily impressed but in this case I was really happy with the result. We came to India with the aim to shoot two shots. The wide general shot and the closer shot of the driver singing. But we wanted more and more as long as we were figuring out how great was the set up. I am not being too flattering, every iphone picture, every camera take was amazing. All that incredible set up made us feel at the end that we have just an opportunity to film incredible images more than it made us for that we have successfully achieved our goal.

Producer, Pulse Films

‘Thanks so much for everything in India, you guys were amazing. Everything was so well organised and professional. The boys are massive Nomad fans! I hope to see you all really soon.’